Successful Healing – Protocols With Impact

Articles on this site reflect the experiences and research of my wife, Angie.  The info below is the result of my interviewing her, and then posting the interview with the corresponding resources and links on this site. We hope this helps you conduct your own research on your unique path to wellness.  Please enjoy!   Daniel.

This site includes info on:

*  What has helped the overall condition for me and others.
*  Protocols that worked for me for various specific problems.
*  What helps me feel better on a daily basis.
*  What has not helped.
*  What has hurt me.
*  What I’m currently learning and trying.
* Tips for using common protocols more effectively and with less discomfort.

We will also share  numerous resources including:

*  Articles – Links to some of my favorite and most informative articles.
*  Labs for testing & information
*  Information resources & discussion boards.
*  Doctor lists
*  Protocols being used currently.
*  Products that have worked especially well for me.

I have recently developed a new plan for myself and am following it.  Some things are helping and starting to kick in.  It is continually changing, but I will be posting my plan, and sharing why I’ve chosen each step.  As I find products or processes that actually make a real difference, I will share the information with you to place on this site.  I’m learning just like everyone out there, and there is so much that remains to be understood.  I expect that this site will change over time! “