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The easiest, most comfortable and most successful method I’ve found for colon cleansing!

Articles on this site reflect the experiences of my wife, Angie.  The info below is the result of my interviewing her, and then posting the interview with the corresponding resources and links on this site.  We hope this helps you conduct your own research on your unique path to wellness.  Please enjoy!  Daniel.

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Daniel:  “I know you feel this is the best colon cleansing product, but it’s done a lot more than that for you. Tell me about your experience with Oxy-Powder.”

Angie:  “This was a super impact product for me.  I’ve been dealing with a variety of problems mainly coming from, or associated with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, chemical sensitivities, spine problems, interstitial cystitis, chronic infections, stomach problems, etc.

About 6 months ago I had hit my lowest low.  The pain in my body was at it’s all time worst.  My neck actually made loud cracking noises when I turned my head.  I had regular debilitating headaches that would put me in bed for days.  I had to sleep 2-3 hours every afternoon and was still exhausted all the time. Although I have been using natural products and protocols for over 25 years, I knew I had to do something more.

After intense research, I have recently developed a new plan for myself.  I found that the first step to any good health plan was to work on having a clean and well functioning colon.  If the colon is not working right, it can cause big problems. It can impact the immune system, stops vitamin absorption, cause allergies, become a home to parasites, fungus and bacteria, allow toxins to stay in the body instead of being expelled…

So I decided that colon cleansing had to be my first step in my healing process.  After much research I decided that Oxy-Powder was the one I would try.  I am so excited about this stuff because not only has it done a great job at colon cleansing, but I had reduced pain, fatigue, and chronic yeast infections like nothing else I’ve tried. I can actually eat some fruit without having a yeast infection the next day. (I had to use it in a much different way than the Oxy-powder people recommend.  You may wish to see how I used it in the next column.)

Daniel:  “So why did you choose Oxy-Powder?”

In the past, I tried so many things that were a waste of time and money, and some that even caused oxy(2)problems.  I had done colonics over the years, and though I would feel better after the colonic with a little less pain and fatigue, it had no long term impact on my health.  I really feel that it ultimately caused a mild rectocele problem, which has caused a little loss of the rectal muscle control.

I also tried a large variety of colon cleansing products.  Most of them gave me stomach pains and cramping.  I tried bentonite clay, psyllium husk, herbs, etc.  I fasted, juiced and cleansed, used acidopholus in large quantities, and did anti-candida colon products.

None of this seemed to help my health.  I recently read about the mucoid plaque.  Dr. Richard Anderson describes it this way: “It is a substance that the body naturally creates under unnatural conditions, such as attack from acids, drugs, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals. I have always attempted to make it clear that the “Mucoid Plaque” found in the bowel is not equivalent to the natural healthy gastric and intestinal mucosa. The natural mucosa serves as a necessary buffer for the gastrointestinal wall and as a lubricant for

intestinal motility. “Mucoid plaque” of any description is unnatural and is found only after the body has moved towards diseased states.”

I decided I had to get rid of this stuff.  It blocks vitamin absorption and protects parasites, yeast and bacteria.  After much research, I decided the easiest way was through the use of Oxy-Powder.  It seemed to be the least physically difficult plan, and had added benefits.  The Oxy-powder folks say it dissolves the mucoid plaque, and turns it into liquid and gas.  It is expelled easily (but you need to be near a bathroom when you load up on Oxy-powder).

It also puts ozone in your gut.  This increases the oxygen in your gut and body. I felt the extra oxygen would at least help with inflammation, and could help me in many other ways. I felt it could kill any parasites, bacteria and fungus that doesn’t like oxygen. The Oxy-Powder site says it does not hurt the good bacteria that our bodies need. For a better explanation of what this does, go to Oxy-powder’s official site.  All I can say is that it is working for me. Not just in a small superficial way, but in a way that is impacting my quality of life.  I can’t wait to see what it does for me over an even longer period of time.

Another thing it did was help me be able to expel toxins much more easily as I did some things to help my health.  For example, I had tried to drink ozonated water before this, to get oxygen in my body, and the die off and toxins made me sick with a flu like illness each time. (I did not experience this at all with the Oxy-powder.  It moved everything out easily so it was not reabsorbed in the gut.) After I did the Oxy-Powder colon cleanse, I could then drink ozone water with no die-off or toxin problem at all.

Concerning how I took the Oxy-Powder, I could not use the quantity that the manufacturer recommends, as I was in the bathroom too often. I modified the dose so I could be comfortable. Even at half the recommended dose it was more than I wanted, but I tend to be sensitive anyway.

I decided to start slow and work up to what I could be comfortable with.  Since the say it is not addicting, I have been taking it nightly for about 3 months give or take.  I started with 1 tablet at bed time and worked up to 4.  I tried 5 but it I wanted to spend less time in the bathroom,  so I went back down to 4.  I’m now taking 3-4 a night, depending on what else I am doing in my healing regimen, and I just love the stuff. At this dose I am comfortable and getting the benefits.  I suggest to anyone who tries Oxy-Powder to start slowly – begin with one and work your way up slowly.

The Oxy-Powder  keeps me regular too. I have had problems with chronic constipation, and when I started the Oxy-powder, I had to cut back on the magnesium I used for CFS and to relieve constipation.

Folks should go to the main website for Oxy-Powder. They have all the info on why it works & studies, testimonies, and comparisons to Homozone – a similar product. You can buy Oxy-Powder it at their site.  (By the way, I chose Oxy-Powder over Homozone because it is easier to get, easier to take (They explain why on the site), and tested to be slightly more effective than Homozone according to the Oxy-powder folks.)”

Angie’s Tips to remember:

I started with no more that 1 capsule.  I noticed that I couldn’t really see the impact of a particular dose for 2-3 days.  I always say be cautious and take things slow.  I increased the number of capsules every 3 nights and that worked out for me.  Everyone is different.  For some, one will do nothing.  For others, it may be all they can handle to start with.

We wish you blessings and good health!  I believe that Oxy-powder is not sold in stores, but on line only.  Here’s the link to the Oxy-powder people:

Click here to go to link to Oxy-Powder site

PS: This is a quote from the Oxy-Powder people that a reader sent us.  Oxy-Powder recommends that you after you do the daily cleanse, you switch to every other day. It’s good to keep in mind.  It reads :

“Most people do not experience bowel movements during their off day when they switch from the Cleansing Dosage to the Maintenance Dosage. This will change. You have to allow your IT Track sometime to train itself to move naturally on its own. Staying on a Maintenance Dosage will assist you in retraining your bowels. Instead of taken Oxy-Powder on a daily bases, we suggest staying on a Maintenance Dosage, taken Oxy-Powder every other day, in order to train your bowels to move 1-3 times a day naturally on their own.”

As I mentioned, I take it daily.  I really do this for the oxygen.  As I eventually add increasing amounts of ozonated water, I plan to switch to every other day of oxy-powder.”


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