Who We Are


Articles on this site reflect the experiences of my wife, Angie. The info below is the result of my interviewing her, and then posting the interview with the corresponding resources and links on this site. We hope this helps you conduct your own research on your unique path to wellness.  Please enjoy!  Daniel.

Daniel: “Tell me why you would like to share your experiences on this site.”

Angie:  For over 25 years I’ve been dealing with a variety of problems mainly coming from, or associated with chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, chemical sensitivities, spine problems, interstitial cystitis, etc. Some years back I learned that I had late stage Lyme disease, which explained a lot. That was horrible news, but at least I had an explanation and could move forward from there. Unfortunately I’m unable to tolerate antibiotics so I’ve had to work with alternatives.

I have also recently learned that I have genetic disorders that make it hard for my body to tolerate drugs, or to detox. That also explains a lot. Yet on the positive side, it’s pushed me to became a researcher, and I’ve applied whatever alternative medicine has had to offer.  I would say that some of it helped, some of it was useless, and some of it hurt me.  Still, I learned to bypass most of the drugs that had harsh side effects, and to use alternatives with little or no side effects.

When a drug is the only or truly best alternative, then I’m all for it.  However, I’m a big believer in treating the root cause instead of just suppressing symptoms. Often drugs just deal with symptom suppression.

Years ago when I hit 45 years old, I had hit a low. The pain in my body was at it’s all time worst.  My neck actually made loud cracking noises when I turned my head.  I had regular debilitating headaches that would put me in bed for days.  I had to sleep 2-3 hours every afternoon and was still exhausted all the time. There were many other problems as well.  Although I have been using natural products and protocols for over 25 years as a way to manage my illnesses, I knew I had to get more aggressive about finding ways to improve my health.

At that point, After intense research, I developed a new plan for myself and began following it.

My health plan changes all the time, as I continue to research and discover new ideas, products & protocols. Some things are helping.  As I find products or processes that actually make a real difference, I would like to share the information with others.  I would say that knowledge is growing out there, and I’m encouraged about applying and sharing it.

As I mentioned, In the past I tried so many things that were a waste of time and money, and some that even caused problems.  I think it’s important to share when something really works, and also when it does not.

Though I’m not a medical professional, I realize I have I have accumulated a lot of experience, but I have not had occasion to share it.  I love the idea of sharing to help whoever I can. talking to folks through this website is a way for me to make a positive difference.”

I will add to these pages when Angie feels makes a big difference.  I will also include info on certain that a product or process really protocols that are being tried out there by others so that you can make your own choices.  I will also eventually include info on men’s health, and will talk about health issues that I’ve worked through. We want this website to be a truly helpful resource to you. Please check back frequently!

Blessings!  Daniel & Angie